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Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

Modifikasi Honda Jazz Ala Hurricane

Just like car racing, Adi modifier of workshops in Jakarta will never run out of ideas. With the concept of JDM Racing pinch, where the overall use of the product Hurricanes, who invested in the car white colored.

According to this 2008 Honda Jazz in output sauce only for the purposes of the demo cars. Design based on demand the Storm, which apply some kind of product in storm hatchback model car body, "yes, I was entrusted to install a variety of products for each exhibition," said Adi. While Hurricane require modification of total execution time duration of a month.

First, the body is equipped with several pieces of cut sticker Honda Jazz. Implementation constraints cut sticker is considered experienced enough. "Cutting these stickers to be done right, with installations in the contours of the body without cutting," said Adi. To support its looks, the hood was replaced with the model and replaced with carbon HRE emblemnya hue R. While types of standard lamp was replaced with the type of Honda Jazz Hurricane H4 HID lamps with a capacity of 8000K.

To align the body's appearance, the feet are also updated standards. Peleknya replica producers snagged, diameter 17 inches, which is locked with a bolt Arospeed type. To sweeten the look of legs, decorated with red lips lips. As a packaging design by selecting the tire size 205/45/17R Achilles. While the level of wheel stoppers appliance brands entrusted to the storm.

Honda Jazz is the latest to feel less powerful than the Honda Jazz is the old type. The factors that make pacunya he began polishing the kitchen. In order to do maximum performance machine, the coil system used Vortex Power, "this system can provide greater strength, proof after the dyno test, can add 15 to 20 hp power," said Adi. To stabilize the electrical current used XCS Hurricane 3 volt stabilizer. Then for the media channel cooling air to the engine type to filter water used HRE. Meanwhile, to keep the engine room so it does not easily shaken implant device Hurricane strut bar.

Gloss over the engine, interior modifications continue in the display. interior does not undergo many changes. However, available with some additional accessories to maximize the view to better racing. Call it the back seat of HRE in front of the lift, while the left rear seat standard. In addition to other supporting accessories such as pedal set made of carbon Arospeed type.

Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio hybrid belongs Reindra that in doing by rumah modifikasi G2C. modification of this hybrid model is a replica of the IZH Hybrid concept, belonging to Russia's Igor Khan.

Preliminary work on the start of the gas tank and side cover body created as closely as possible using a plate 0.8 mm. "So, baseball is too heavy," said Wardoyo, G2C boss. Before the plate is cut made its first mall of the carton.

The most unique design appears on the front suspension because Igor took the idea of motorcycle production IZH-1 1929. So, like it was closed to the plate and the condom slipped off the projector lamp on the left and right.

So that the bottom of the machine is more contained, fitted engine guard with the design good. Model, nearly shut down the crankcase. "If at first glance, the designs such as one with the installation of two exhaust," said Wardoyo.

Another difference with the work of Igor, looking at the rear suspension. If Igor had a quasi-double, Wardoyo turn it into a single, but the rear body remains the same. Change the rear lights, it relies on a Yamaha Scorpio Jupiter Z.